Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sorry I've been away

Not really much to right...let's see...

1) Got a contract with Arcana Comics to publish Sterling, my first superhero creation. Being drawn by the amazing JC Grande (who did my friend, Jamie Gambell's Omnitarium...definitely worth a pick-up). The whole thing's written, just waiting for the art. Expecting to be out late this year or early 2011.

2) Writing Sterling volume 2 now for Script Frenzy. Making good progress. I should treat every month as Script Frenzy...about halfway through first chapter.

3) Still unemployed, but things are kind of shaping up.

4) Got a second project in the works, with an awesome artist attached. First issue written, but a bit on hold for the moment, for script frenzy...and brainstorming to write a script for ABC Writer Fellowship...but odds on will get back to it this week or the next. It's all in my skull, you know...and has to escape.

OK, maybe that was some news...

Some music to pay attention to: EvelynEvelyn's CD is a masterpiece. Worth the price of admission.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Little Poetry or some shit.

This came to me on the drive over to work. Had to get it out of my head before it consumed me. Might be finshed, might not...but most likely.

The Funeral

Her heart smolders
Like the tip of her cigarette
In anger about never knowing
The man who brought her
Into this world.

Now outside with all
These strangers
Celebrating his life
Her curiosity comes
A little too late.

Thirty years cast out
For reasons forgotten
The man in the box
Never forgot the
Sunshine in his grey life.

His body finally followed
His heart which died
Those thirty years ago
When all his days
Turned from bright sunshine
To dreary grey.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Finished page

Here is a page all finished [well, 95% finished - got some touchups to do], opinions? I did the greys/tones

Friday, January 01, 2010

The Grand Machine - Rough Pages PT. 2

Sorry about the delay, holidays are hell and all that...with out further ado...artwork by Claudio Avella and words by me.