Saturday, February 28, 2009


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Just got back an hour or so ago from Orlando, from my trip to Megacon. Had a blast. Met LOTS of people in the comic book biz, might prove fruitful down the line, but who knows, eh? Was a complete near-madhouse. It makes me hopeful for my career in this business.

some people i met (tossing with links, because that's how I roll):

and i am sure there are others i am forgetting. I have still to go through my bag. Bought the first Scott Pilgrim trade (absolutely amazing and cool...must get hands on more) and the first Doktor Sleepless trade (completely insane and stuff. worth every penny.)

Going to be cooking some Beef Stew tomorrow for dinner, slow cooker style. Boring recipe, but tasty results. A year of culinary school has got to be useful for something...

Now off to sleep...though yappy dogs upstairs might make this more difficult than it seems.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Motivation: Check. Energy: er...

Trying to finish up Comic issue #2. But, keeping at is kinda rough. Without it being in print yet (understandably so, as the publisher wants 2 in the can before pumping it out), but trying to get time to plug away is rough with the internet, Warcraft, niece and nephew, and other things bouncing about and stuff. If I was actually drawing a paycheck from this, perhaps things would be different.

In other news, picked up some comics today...

New Avengers 50: Hoo boy. A bit of false advertising, but still packs quite a punch. I am fully confident that Dark Reign could be one of the best status quo shakeups ever so far (except for maybe Crisis on Infinite Earths, but that's a whole different class). Bendis can sure write these characters well, I am on the edge of my seat to find out where this goes.

Mighty Avengers #22: Normally, I love Dan Slott. But something seems off with this issue. doesn't quite seem to have it's voice quite yet. But I have a feeling like a good TV series, this needs a few issues to get it's stride going.

Avengers: The Initiative #22 (hmm..a trend?): One big fight scene for the most part. Everyone is in character and a good solid issue and tying up some long long threads. I usually love Ramos' art, but some parts of it are kinda distracting and hard to make out. But that can be just me.

anyways! MegaCon is this weekend! Woo!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

You know...

Every time I ask someone in the biz to look at something I've done, I get a "would love to, but can't because of legality issues." And since those are the people I want to look at this site, and me, posting a full issue of something I've worked on is kind of a mistake. So I am just going to leave Sterling where it's at, and if people actually read this (I know you read this, KD, and you already read the whole thing), and want more, let me know, and I'll figure something out.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sterling - Part one. Here we go!

Page One

Page is split vertically, then the right half is split into thirds.

First panel: Big shot of city street, showing the Clematis Print Shop. Guy running in.
Caption: Monday, 9:07am

Second panel: Your typical print shop. Guy behind the counter with a shit eating grin, and the guy who ran in, Jack, looking kind of frazzled.

Bob: Jack, you’re late again. I’m tempted to start docking your pay.

Jack: Sure, if you want to put me back on hourly, go right ahead.

Bob: Oh, heh heh. Nope, we’ll keep you right where you’re at.

Jack (real small): Douchebag.

Third panel: Small office behind the front area. Jack in his seat with a look of equal parts disgust and desperation.

Jack: Ugh.

Fourth panel: computer monitor with calendar program, showing a 9:30 appointment with Mr. Nettlebaum.

SFX: Ch-Ching

Jack: [small] And so my Hell begins.

Jack Caption: Ok, maybe it’s not that bad.

Page Two

Five panels, four across the top third and one big one at the bottom.

First panel: Hand putting on glove. Black with gold circuitry.

Caption: 9:21am

Catastrophe: Another day, another blow to the Iron Council. This will teach them to kick me out!

Second Panel: Catastrophe reclining in a chair. Not quite putting his head down.

Catastrophe: Everything is go.

Third Panel: Catastrophe backing his head into a data spike/transfer thing in the chair.

SFX: Ka-Click

Fourth panel: Darkness with two glowing green eyes.


Fifth Panel: Cargo doors are open, the biggest, meanest robot you have ever seen is getting ready for take-off.

Catastrophe-bot: I am full of win.

Page Three

5 Horizontal panels if possible. Or maybe 2x2 with one along the bottom.

Panel one: closeup of hands holding a flyer for some inane subject.

Caption: 9:40am

Jack: It’s not a problem, Mr. Nettlebaum, I can make it color, but it will raise the price to eighty cents a copy.

Mr. Nettlebaum: But, you said it would only cost fifteen cents a copy…

Jack: I said that was for black and whites.

Mr, Nettlebaum: Oh. How much for color?

Jack: ugh.

Panel two: Over the shoulder shot of Jack working on a computer. Try to make him look like he’s swamped with work. Papers on the desk, lots of windows on the computer open, etc. Bob is behind him.

Caption: 11:20am

Bob: What are you doing for lunch? Charlene and I are going to order from Crow’s, you want anything?

Jack: Nah. Going to meet some friends for lunch.

Bob: Can you afford to take time away, you look swamped.

Jack: I’m fine. Everything is under control.

Panel three: Jack at an greasy spoon eating lunch alone. Kind of looks depressed eating a burger. Waitress (Becky) is chatting it up.

Caption: 1:24pm

Becky: So, another crap day?

Jack: Yup. I swear, we get all the crap clients in the world. It’s like the world is giving me a hint.

Panel four: Becky is now sitting down with Jack

Becky: It’s not that bad. Cheer up, will you. Things are not that bad. And in that regard, I’ve been working double shifts, so you’re not alone!

Jack: At least you get paid hourly. Odds on, I will probably be working another ten hour day today….and get paid for seven. Anyway, thanks for lunch, I’m running late.

Panel five: Jack back at work, getting dark. Bob is poking his head in.

Caption: 5:57pm

Bob: Just got a last minute job in, can you stay late?

Jack: Do I have a choice?

Bob: Not if you want a paycheck. Heh heh. Shouldn’t take you that long.

Jack: Great…

Panel six: Jack sitting in a bar, couple of shotglasses and a beer pint glass is in front of him.

Caption: 9:20pm

Jack: Another day, another dollar. God, I hate this…

Page Four

One horizontal panel at the top with two in the center and on along the bottom.

Panel one: Inside of a bank. Some vibrations all around, as if a giant deathbot is about to rip open the wall.

Caption: 10:17 am. First Merchant’s Bank.

Bank employee one: …so I told her, that’s an extra twenty bucks!


Bank employee two: What was that?

Panel two: Big panel of Catastrophe-bot ripping open a wall.

Castrophe-bot: Run!

Castrophre-bot: Run, you worthless maggots!

Inset: couple of shocked patrons. Completely slack-jawed.

Panel three: Another big panel. Same pose as before, but bristling with weaponry. Buzzsaws, guns, whatever.

Catastrophe-bot: RUN OR DIE! HA! HA! HA!

Inset: Little motion clouds, as if the people in the prior inset did an exit stage left.

Panel four: Enter Fighto. Dramatic pose and all. Try and make all of Fighto’s poses super cheesy and dramatic. Fighto is a gag and to show that this isn’t quite the typical superhero world. Or maybe it is.

Fighto: How about option three where I KICK YOUR ASS?

Page Five

Panel one: Catastrophe-bot pointing at Fighto.

Catastrophe: This is your one chance to get away. Don’t waste it.

Panel one: Fighto is doing some fine fine acrobatics, dodging all the bullets, lasers, etc.


Fighto: Ha! Ha! Being trained by the Space-Monks of Cygnus seven has made dodging your bullets child’s play!

Panel two: Small panel of Fighto’s fist going aflame.

Fighto: Prepare for my FLAMING FIST OF JUSTICE!

Panel three: Another smallish panel where we see the fist moving very very fast at Catastrophe-bot. Speed lines and all that.

Panel four: The fist hits the Catastrophe-bot, and leaves a small blackened dent.

SFX: dink
Fighto: um…uh-oh.

Panel five: The Catastrophe-bot turning Fighto into a bright red paste with his weaponry.

Catastrophe-bot: Fool! You brought this on yourself! I WARNED YOU!

Sterling character descriptions

Here's some description, to help your mind's eye.

Jack Sterling
Physical: 6’, 200# - slim but fit. Shaggy blonde hair and brown eyes. Usually has a shocked or contemptuous look on his face. Think Ashton Kutcher or Tom Welling.

Becky Levine
Physical – 5’ 6” 130# - Curvy but not overweight, busty but not ridiculous. Attractive, but not insane stupid-plastic hot. Think that girl next door type. Hair is auburn and is usually long and in ponytail. Think Kat Dennings.

Professor Catastrophe
Physical - 5'10" 200# - Fatherly, but fit. Starting to show his age of mid to late 50's. Tries to be hip and with-it. Always has a warm smile on his face. Think Ray Wise

Physical - 6'3" 225# - Extremely cut. Yellow and orange garish costume with fist symbol on the chest. Full mask with hair exposed.

That oughta do it for the first part.

I will post more

This will probably be like shooting myself in the foot...

...but I need to get some of my work out to the masses. So, I will be putting up my script for Sterling up on here. I wouldn't mind this being a true webcomic, but alas, my drawing skills has atrophied due to lack of use. If anyone artistic feels like starting some up with this, shoot me a message.

Various writers and editors and other people, enjoy the read and please, PLEASE, give me some feedback! I can use all the help I can.

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's hard to be a gangsta...

Been trying to wrap my head around the problem on how to break into the comic book biz. Supposed to talk to editors, but can't give pitches. Maybe if I just give them pitchers (of beer)?

Wish I had the scratch to travel to the big cons (NYCC, SDCC, etc) and schmooze it up. I know in my gut I can do this, but breaking in seems a bit rough. But I don't think I am quite ready to give up yet.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some more updates...

You know, I've been unemployed for a while, but somehow I've been keeping busy. Been doing some graphic design work for Dr. Sketchy's and the comic book writing thing...

...if you need either done, shoot me a mail and we'll talk!

Some updates...

Been writing up a storm. First comic is being drawn as I type and working on second issue. It is not normally in my nature to get psyched for stuff like this, because it usually leads to disappointment, but i think i will make an exception in this case. Here is a rough and character sketch. Both done by the ever-amazing Hyunsang Michael Cho. Will update more as info permits!