Saturday, February 28, 2009


Just got back an hour or so ago from Orlando, from my trip to Megacon. Had a blast. Met LOTS of people in the comic book biz, might prove fruitful down the line, but who knows, eh? Was a complete near-madhouse. It makes me hopeful for my career in this business.

some people i met (tossing with links, because that's how I roll):

and i am sure there are others i am forgetting. I have still to go through my bag. Bought the first Scott Pilgrim trade (absolutely amazing and cool...must get hands on more) and the first Doktor Sleepless trade (completely insane and stuff. worth every penny.)

Going to be cooking some Beef Stew tomorrow for dinner, slow cooker style. Boring recipe, but tasty results. A year of culinary school has got to be useful for something...

Now off to sleep...though yappy dogs upstairs might make this more difficult than it seems.

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