Friday, April 08, 2005

Back to hell

Well, back in FLA. not even back a week, and i already miss the daughter. i curse the person who put me down here. well, i've started my hunt, and i can only hope and pray that something will come through! D&D game tonite, and i think this week might be a fun combat. kinda enjoy running, but would like to play more...three nights off is good, but working 10hrs straight tends to wear on ya.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Animal fun!

Just came back from the zoo. It was a little too chilly and kinda rained a bit, but all in all i think we had a super time. Saw the pandas twice, and also saw a lot of other animals (no lions tho, i think they were on vacation...heheh).

The kid is quite smart, for being only six; but then again, she's got my genes and stuff -- so it shouldnt be too surprising. She is taking a nap at the moment, giving me a bit of a respite. When we are rested, time to go shoe shopping! whee...

First outing

Today was a very interesting day. First off, it was my first time seeing my daughter in close to 7 months. She looks about the same, little taller, little more hyper...but that I bet is more due to my visit. It's pretty scary...for the last 3 years or so, i haven't been that much of a father, so each time i go up, it gets a little more scary. Which makes me want to move to Atlanta all the more. Don't get me wrong, i love my daughter more than anything, and i want to be a father to her; and i truly feel horrible for moving back down to west palm. I am not the man to shirk his responsibilities willingly.

Up in Atlanta, where my daughter is, I feel more like an adult than i do down in West Palm. Can't really explain it, so i am not going to try. Hopefully, I can score a job soon, get the loan from my friend, and get my life back on track. Almost there, i can totally feel it starting to come together.

Also picked up a laptop today, totally unsure of doing so. So that is a good sign. It is a good one, and a true bargain, and when i get that loan as i mentioned earlier, it wont be an issue. With this i think i can jump start my freelance. Working out of my room feels dreadful, this allows me to get a better surroundings to spur my creativity. and this blog should be theraputic and helpful too.

anyways, i'd best get some sleep, got a busy day tomorrow. talk to you all soon.