Saturday, April 02, 2005

First outing

Today was a very interesting day. First off, it was my first time seeing my daughter in close to 7 months. She looks about the same, little taller, little more hyper...but that I bet is more due to my visit. It's pretty scary...for the last 3 years or so, i haven't been that much of a father, so each time i go up, it gets a little more scary. Which makes me want to move to Atlanta all the more. Don't get me wrong, i love my daughter more than anything, and i want to be a father to her; and i truly feel horrible for moving back down to west palm. I am not the man to shirk his responsibilities willingly.

Up in Atlanta, where my daughter is, I feel more like an adult than i do down in West Palm. Can't really explain it, so i am not going to try. Hopefully, I can score a job soon, get the loan from my friend, and get my life back on track. Almost there, i can totally feel it starting to come together.

Also picked up a laptop today, totally unsure of doing so. So that is a good sign. It is a good one, and a true bargain, and when i get that loan as i mentioned earlier, it wont be an issue. With this i think i can jump start my freelance. Working out of my room feels dreadful, this allows me to get a better surroundings to spur my creativity. and this blog should be theraputic and helpful too.

anyways, i'd best get some sleep, got a busy day tomorrow. talk to you all soon.

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