Sunday, September 30, 2007

nothing's shocking.

i would like to think i have a strange gift. you know how you can watch a bad movie and figure out the plot and twists halfway through? I think that i can do that with most life situations. usually. one of my pet peeves is when things go all sideways on me.

started watching Dexter. Wow. Showtime sure is putting out some good shows.

I might have met someone...

...just as a warning. Decided to go out for wings and then to the pub for a beer or two, and caught the eye of this cute lady and made eye contact. So, eventually the hint sinks down, and i go over and introduce myself; and promptly find meself enchanted by this person.

hopefully, i did not embarass myself to greatly, for i was a bit tipsy, and i sure hope a) i gave her the right number; b) she actually calls it.

not saying she's the one, but i am more than willing to find out. I don't think i could find anyone better. she's quite charming.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Well, an update of sorts.

ok, after two days of almost incessant calling, i find out that a decision will be made by monday, to which, i should get a call. Now seriously speaking, i should be a cinch for this job...i have over 7 years experience in the car advertising industry (not that it takes a whole lot of brainpower to come up with a 'slasher sale' - just kidding, i have a feeling that this place wants me to think outside the box, as it were...which is a good thing.) and on top of that, my name was the topic of conversation a few times.

if this was 6 months in the future, i just might not find this all exciting. but who knows, if they throw enough money at me...

as for other things...getting 5000 gold for epic riding in WoW is nuts. I really don't see how people can do it so quickly. Must be my ADD or something, but this is infuriatig...woops, got agro. ok. on autopilot. but seriously. i need like 2500 or so for epic flying and it's slow as shit uphill. ugh.

anyway. nothing else exciting than perhaps my lunchdate that was supposed to happen tuesday, got postponed...oh well, what am i going to do? blech.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

the waiting is the hardest part.

i hate going on an interview, kinda nailing i think, and waiting to hear back from them. especially since the person i talked to said he'll call be back the next day (which he didn't). Now i got to play the pest calling them almost incessantly to try and get an update. Shit, i know i am the best qualified for the job, i am certain they know it, but why the fuck make me wait this long. Fuck, i had to wait almost an hour in the waiting room for the interview, so you would think i would be used to it, eh?

It's just some fucking common courtesy. My supervisor at Hurricane, on the other hand, called and apologized about not giving me alot of hours this week. How cool is that?

Now, who do you think i will show more respect to? Yeah, money is good and it pays the bills, but respect feeds the soul and makes you feel like a human being, rather than some piece of human garbage.

Meanwhile, i am almost thru with watching Californication. It's totally hilarious. Makes me want to move out there and wallow in my own misery on the west coast.

Anyhow, not sure anyone is reading this, don't care much. Just feels good letting this out. Might get my creative juices flowing again, after being dried up for so long.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

part 2.

decided to go out in celebration of my A- in my garde manger class (hey, it was a tough class, and i earned every bit of that). and got some sushi and udon at Sushi Rock. It's was pretty damn good. Should not have done it yet, but what the hell.

you know, i try to go out and meet people, but i usually just grab a beer and sit in the corner. i just don't seem to be able to make that last step. i dunno. i just feel kind of empty sometimes, like it's all style, no substance. ok, no style either. you know what that feels like i bet.

looked through the advanced book today, and one of the few interesting recipes i get to do is coq a vin. which i've been kinda itching to make. don't get me wrong, there are plenty of other recipes in the book that look interesting too, but it's quite a bit of sauces and soups. i'll probably find it fun nonetheless.

but enough about that. i am going to log off for now and mull over the crappiness of things. maybe next time i will write something of substance.

i wouldn't bet any money on it, though.

I hate you all.

just started watching Californication, and it's kinda similar to me, except that i am not a writer nor am i having as much sex as Hank. But i can sympathize with his situation of his life being out of control. Fun show to watch. I see alot of myself in that show and it hurts a bit. Sort of like being show a mirror that you've been trying to avoid for the past 7 years or so.

Anyhow, since it's been a while since i posted anything significant, i might as well give you a bit of an update on my life. Well, i finally got sick of the graphic design bit and thought long and hard and decided to try the culinary arts. So, i enrolled at the start of the year and after two quarters, i haven't fucked things up yet (got two A's, one in Intro and another in Garde Manger); and still haven't got sick of it. But i am still waiting for the confidence to come thru. Had it, went on a practical interview, fucked that up. Lost my graphic design job, got a job deep frying wings; and still waiting for the big break.

Now and then, i still long for times past, but then realize that things have been pretty sucky for a while. i just have a feeling that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. As much as i want to, i cannot give up hope yet.

Anyhow, finally feeling a bit better (been sick for the past two days, i think the lady i've been crushing on has ironically given me the bug inadvertently), and so i am going out and try to make some luck.

i will try to keep this thing updated a bit more often.