Friday, September 28, 2007

Well, an update of sorts.

ok, after two days of almost incessant calling, i find out that a decision will be made by monday, to which, i should get a call. Now seriously speaking, i should be a cinch for this job...i have over 7 years experience in the car advertising industry (not that it takes a whole lot of brainpower to come up with a 'slasher sale' - just kidding, i have a feeling that this place wants me to think outside the box, as it were...which is a good thing.) and on top of that, my name was the topic of conversation a few times.

if this was 6 months in the future, i just might not find this all exciting. but who knows, if they throw enough money at me...

as for other things...getting 5000 gold for epic riding in WoW is nuts. I really don't see how people can do it so quickly. Must be my ADD or something, but this is infuriatig...woops, got agro. ok. on autopilot. but seriously. i need like 2500 or so for epic flying and it's slow as shit uphill. ugh.

anyway. nothing else exciting than perhaps my lunchdate that was supposed to happen tuesday, got postponed...oh well, what am i going to do? blech.

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