Thursday, September 27, 2007

the waiting is the hardest part.

i hate going on an interview, kinda nailing i think, and waiting to hear back from them. especially since the person i talked to said he'll call be back the next day (which he didn't). Now i got to play the pest calling them almost incessantly to try and get an update. Shit, i know i am the best qualified for the job, i am certain they know it, but why the fuck make me wait this long. Fuck, i had to wait almost an hour in the waiting room for the interview, so you would think i would be used to it, eh?

It's just some fucking common courtesy. My supervisor at Hurricane, on the other hand, called and apologized about not giving me alot of hours this week. How cool is that?

Now, who do you think i will show more respect to? Yeah, money is good and it pays the bills, but respect feeds the soul and makes you feel like a human being, rather than some piece of human garbage.

Meanwhile, i am almost thru with watching Californication. It's totally hilarious. Makes me want to move out there and wallow in my own misery on the west coast.

Anyhow, not sure anyone is reading this, don't care much. Just feels good letting this out. Might get my creative juices flowing again, after being dried up for so long.

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