Wednesday, September 26, 2007

part 2.

decided to go out in celebration of my A- in my garde manger class (hey, it was a tough class, and i earned every bit of that). and got some sushi and udon at Sushi Rock. It's was pretty damn good. Should not have done it yet, but what the hell.

you know, i try to go out and meet people, but i usually just grab a beer and sit in the corner. i just don't seem to be able to make that last step. i dunno. i just feel kind of empty sometimes, like it's all style, no substance. ok, no style either. you know what that feels like i bet.

looked through the advanced book today, and one of the few interesting recipes i get to do is coq a vin. which i've been kinda itching to make. don't get me wrong, there are plenty of other recipes in the book that look interesting too, but it's quite a bit of sauces and soups. i'll probably find it fun nonetheless.

but enough about that. i am going to log off for now and mull over the crappiness of things. maybe next time i will write something of substance.

i wouldn't bet any money on it, though.

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