Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sterling character descriptions

Here's some description, to help your mind's eye.

Jack Sterling
Physical: 6’, 200# - slim but fit. Shaggy blonde hair and brown eyes. Usually has a shocked or contemptuous look on his face. Think Ashton Kutcher or Tom Welling.

Becky Levine
Physical – 5’ 6” 130# - Curvy but not overweight, busty but not ridiculous. Attractive, but not insane stupid-plastic hot. Think that girl next door type. Hair is auburn and is usually long and in ponytail. Think Kat Dennings.

Professor Catastrophe
Physical - 5'10" 200# - Fatherly, but fit. Starting to show his age of mid to late 50's. Tries to be hip and with-it. Always has a warm smile on his face. Think Ray Wise

Physical - 6'3" 225# - Extremely cut. Yellow and orange garish costume with fist symbol on the chest. Full mask with hair exposed.

That oughta do it for the first part.

I will post more

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