Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Motivation: Check. Energy: er...

Trying to finish up Comic issue #2. But, keeping at is kinda rough. Without it being in print yet (understandably so, as the publisher wants 2 in the can before pumping it out), but trying to get time to plug away is rough with the internet, Warcraft, niece and nephew, and other things bouncing about and stuff. If I was actually drawing a paycheck from this, perhaps things would be different.

In other news, picked up some comics today...

New Avengers 50: Hoo boy. A bit of false advertising, but still packs quite a punch. I am fully confident that Dark Reign could be one of the best status quo shakeups ever so far (except for maybe Crisis on Infinite Earths, but that's a whole different class). Bendis can sure write these characters well, I am on the edge of my seat to find out where this goes.

Mighty Avengers #22: Normally, I love Dan Slott. But something seems off with this issue. doesn't quite seem to have it's voice quite yet. But I have a feeling like a good TV series, this needs a few issues to get it's stride going.

Avengers: The Initiative #22 (hmm..a trend?): One big fight scene for the most part. Everyone is in character and a good solid issue and tying up some long long threads. I usually love Ramos' art, but some parts of it are kinda distracting and hard to make out. But that can be just me.

anyways! MegaCon is this weekend! Woo!

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