Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sterling - Part one. Here we go!

Page One

Page is split vertically, then the right half is split into thirds.

First panel: Big shot of city street, showing the Clematis Print Shop. Guy running in.
Caption: Monday, 9:07am

Second panel: Your typical print shop. Guy behind the counter with a shit eating grin, and the guy who ran in, Jack, looking kind of frazzled.

Bob: Jack, you’re late again. I’m tempted to start docking your pay.

Jack: Sure, if you want to put me back on hourly, go right ahead.

Bob: Oh, heh heh. Nope, we’ll keep you right where you’re at.

Jack (real small): Douchebag.

Third panel: Small office behind the front area. Jack in his seat with a look of equal parts disgust and desperation.

Jack: Ugh.

Fourth panel: computer monitor with calendar program, showing a 9:30 appointment with Mr. Nettlebaum.

SFX: Ch-Ching

Jack: [small] And so my Hell begins.

Jack Caption: Ok, maybe it’s not that bad.

Page Two

Five panels, four across the top third and one big one at the bottom.

First panel: Hand putting on glove. Black with gold circuitry.

Caption: 9:21am

Catastrophe: Another day, another blow to the Iron Council. This will teach them to kick me out!

Second Panel: Catastrophe reclining in a chair. Not quite putting his head down.

Catastrophe: Everything is go.

Third Panel: Catastrophe backing his head into a data spike/transfer thing in the chair.

SFX: Ka-Click

Fourth panel: Darkness with two glowing green eyes.


Fifth Panel: Cargo doors are open, the biggest, meanest robot you have ever seen is getting ready for take-off.

Catastrophe-bot: I am full of win.

Page Three

5 Horizontal panels if possible. Or maybe 2x2 with one along the bottom.

Panel one: closeup of hands holding a flyer for some inane subject.

Caption: 9:40am

Jack: It’s not a problem, Mr. Nettlebaum, I can make it color, but it will raise the price to eighty cents a copy.

Mr. Nettlebaum: But, you said it would only cost fifteen cents a copy…

Jack: I said that was for black and whites.

Mr, Nettlebaum: Oh. How much for color?

Jack: ugh.

Panel two: Over the shoulder shot of Jack working on a computer. Try to make him look like he’s swamped with work. Papers on the desk, lots of windows on the computer open, etc. Bob is behind him.

Caption: 11:20am

Bob: What are you doing for lunch? Charlene and I are going to order from Crow’s, you want anything?

Jack: Nah. Going to meet some friends for lunch.

Bob: Can you afford to take time away, you look swamped.

Jack: I’m fine. Everything is under control.

Panel three: Jack at an greasy spoon eating lunch alone. Kind of looks depressed eating a burger. Waitress (Becky) is chatting it up.

Caption: 1:24pm

Becky: So, another crap day?

Jack: Yup. I swear, we get all the crap clients in the world. It’s like the world is giving me a hint.

Panel four: Becky is now sitting down with Jack

Becky: It’s not that bad. Cheer up, will you. Things are not that bad. And in that regard, I’ve been working double shifts, so you’re not alone!

Jack: At least you get paid hourly. Odds on, I will probably be working another ten hour day today….and get paid for seven. Anyway, thanks for lunch, I’m running late.

Panel five: Jack back at work, getting dark. Bob is poking his head in.

Caption: 5:57pm

Bob: Just got a last minute job in, can you stay late?

Jack: Do I have a choice?

Bob: Not if you want a paycheck. Heh heh. Shouldn’t take you that long.

Jack: Great…

Panel six: Jack sitting in a bar, couple of shotglasses and a beer pint glass is in front of him.

Caption: 9:20pm

Jack: Another day, another dollar. God, I hate this…

Page Four

One horizontal panel at the top with two in the center and on along the bottom.

Panel one: Inside of a bank. Some vibrations all around, as if a giant deathbot is about to rip open the wall.

Caption: 10:17 am. First Merchant’s Bank.

Bank employee one: …so I told her, that’s an extra twenty bucks!


Bank employee two: What was that?

Panel two: Big panel of Catastrophe-bot ripping open a wall.

Castrophe-bot: Run!

Castrophre-bot: Run, you worthless maggots!

Inset: couple of shocked patrons. Completely slack-jawed.

Panel three: Another big panel. Same pose as before, but bristling with weaponry. Buzzsaws, guns, whatever.

Catastrophe-bot: RUN OR DIE! HA! HA! HA!

Inset: Little motion clouds, as if the people in the prior inset did an exit stage left.

Panel four: Enter Fighto. Dramatic pose and all. Try and make all of Fighto’s poses super cheesy and dramatic. Fighto is a gag and to show that this isn’t quite the typical superhero world. Or maybe it is.

Fighto: How about option three where I KICK YOUR ASS?

Page Five

Panel one: Catastrophe-bot pointing at Fighto.

Catastrophe: This is your one chance to get away. Don’t waste it.

Panel one: Fighto is doing some fine fine acrobatics, dodging all the bullets, lasers, etc.


Fighto: Ha! Ha! Being trained by the Space-Monks of Cygnus seven has made dodging your bullets child’s play!

Panel two: Small panel of Fighto’s fist going aflame.

Fighto: Prepare for my FLAMING FIST OF JUSTICE!

Panel three: Another smallish panel where we see the fist moving very very fast at Catastrophe-bot. Speed lines and all that.

Panel four: The fist hits the Catastrophe-bot, and leaves a small blackened dent.

SFX: dink
Fighto: um…uh-oh.

Panel five: The Catastrophe-bot turning Fighto into a bright red paste with his weaponry.

Catastrophe-bot: Fool! You brought this on yourself! I WARNED YOU!

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