Friday, March 13, 2009

You can't make everyone happy.

When everyone is clamoring at you to get stuff done, somebody's gonna be pissed. I guess I just need to roll with it.

Comic should be done tomorrow (first draft anyways) the ever amazing Whitney Cogar to do the art. I just hope she remembers me when she becomes the next Jack Kirby.

Got a couple ads to do for Molly. Piece of cake and I love working with her, so it's not really work.

Want to revise Sterling up a bit. I think I just need to twist it a bit and that will make it a hit.

Got the second issue of Arcanos to finish, but not sure what the deal is with the first, so will probably put it on hold for now.

Would like to go play some WoW or WoW TCG tomorrow; but well prepared to leave it wayside to get work done.

I am almost ready. Almost ready.

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