Sunday, April 05, 2009

I've been busy!

Been quite busy for the past couple weeks. Between parents up here, my job, writing my comic, trying to learn Dreamweaver, get brakes and tires for the car and trying to relax, i've been quite the busy beaver. Plus there is a personal issue that I don't quite feel like disclosing at the moment that has completely shook me up.

It's funny. At the moment, I at a fairly good point with everything. Slowly understanding Dreamweaver, comic is just about half done (expect to finish it this week), job is busy but insane...i decide to take a bit of a break, and now i am super bored, ROFL. But deep down, i know if i keep pushing myself to do these things, if i push too hard i will burn out, so i need to pace myself a bit.

Maybe a nap...while i have this place to myself.

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