Friday, April 24, 2009

Progress! Slow but steady wins the race.

Been couple busy weeks. It's really hard to juggle watching the sister's kids, work, try learn a new program and start up freelancing graphic design (hint, hint to all you half dozen readers), and write up comic book or two. One of the things that keeps me going is visible progress. I'm not really talking about instant gratification, or maybe I am, but seeing the pages stack up is a good sight to see.

Attended FX last weekend; and when I wasn't spewing out 100% pure stupid in front of very attractive and very nice actresses of one of my favorite shows, I was chatting it up with comic pro's and attending panels. Everything I heard and asked was answered how I thought it should go, and it felt good that I was on the right track.

It's a slow hard road to work up towards (unless you are a TV writer or somehow already famous), but I see my progress and I makes me confident and enboldens me to think that this CAN happen.

Anywho. Finished the first issue of Sterling, my second take of it; and it's definitely a ka-jillion times better than the first one. Also, a project I thought was dead came back to life and got a sample page in. Other than some minor quibbles, it looks awesome. See if you can pick em out!

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