Monday, June 08, 2009

Ok, it's been a while...

Reading Amanda Palmer's blog has got me wanting to jot a bit down on what's going on in my life...Twitter has kinda taken over my blogging...and since my blogging has been a bit almost dead in the first place, well , you can figure it out.

Anyways. Been writing a bit and hunting for work. Also playing some warcraft and trying to think up a business plan for my personal design biz...and pissing (fairly important..well, important to me) people off. Same as it ever was.

Things i've read/seen etc.

New Avengers: Good shit. Pick this up, the current "search for the new Sorcerer Supreme storyline, is solid work. All awesome. In fact, "Dark Reign" is just Marvel-speak for "this is awesome, buy it."

Power Girl: I admit it, I am not a big DC guy, but I gotta go with Palmiotti and Connor on this one. First issue is pretty tight and humorous ("Please stop playing with my globes" had me laughing). If the story can be as tight as i hope it could be, not the confusing mess that the rest of DC is to me at the moment.

The Hangover: yet another hilarious movie..and Zach Galifinakas as a bonus.

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